Cost and Financial Aid

Tuition, Fees, and Other Costs

Term Hours per term Tuition and Online Fees
First Fall 7 hours $4,053.00
Second Fall 7 hours $4,053.00
First Spring 7 hours $4,053.00
Second Spring 7 hours $4,053.00
First Fall (Year 2) 7 hours $4,053.00
Second Fall (Year 2) 7 hours $4,053.00
TOTAL for Residents and Non-Residents 42 hours $24,318.00

NOTE: The above is an estimate for students entering the program Fall semester. Program costs and fees are subject to change. Enrolling in fewer hours per semester than listed may result in an overall increase in program cost. Additional course fees and university fees may be assessed and will vary per term.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

While there are no scholarships specific to our program, there are funding opportunities available both through UM and through outside funding organizations that you might use to help fund your program.

Military and Veterans Awards

The University of Mississippi offers a variety of scholarships and benefits to U.S. military personnel and veterans. You can find detailed information about these awards on the Veteran and Military Services page.

UM Graduate School Awards

The UM Graduate School also provides a number of scholarship opportunities as well as connections to outside funding opportunities. While assistantships are not currently available for online students, students in our program would be eligible for other listed awards. The Graduate School’s scholarship information can be found on the Graduate School financial information page.

UM Staff Tuition Benefit

Staff members at the University of Mississippi can utilize the further education benefit to enroll in up to two courses per semester. You can find detailed information about this benefit on the Human Resources Tuition Benefit page.

Employer Tuition Assistance

Many other employers also provide tuition for employees seeking to further their education and gain professional development in their field. Usually your supervisor or human resources department benefits coordinator can provide details specific to your workplace. If after speaking with staff at your workplace you need additional information to qualify for their assistance, you can contact Coordinator of Advising, Recruitment, and Retention Andy King and he will assist you in gathering that information.

Federal Grants and Loans

Many of our students will also apply for federal need-based grants and loans to cover a portion or all of their program costs. Most of these funding opportunities will require that the student completes a FAFSA prior to the start of the semester. Details on federal aid programs and assistance in completing the FAFSA is provided by the UM Financial Aid Office.